Hello, my names is James David.

​​ I am a sixteen year old high school sophomore that needs your help.  I need a bone transplant and Duke in North Carolina can do the job.  Not just any bone, but one of the ones that hold me up.  I have AVN (avascular necrosis) of the talus.  The talus is the bone in my ankle.  My talus is completely dead and collapsed.   Although I have been very lucky to have a foot, my ankle has died do to lack of circulation from a fracture.  After visiting with many doctors/surgeons, it has been advised that I receive a bone transplant because of my age.  There were other options that all lead to probable below the knee amputee in middle age, but with a talus transplant, I have a chance at as normal of a life as possible without frequent hardware replacements and advancing arthritis that would be debilitating.

​​​I know my baseball days are probably over but I want to walk and walk for a long time. I want to dance at my senior prom and someday walk my children in the park. I want to continue to play in band / pep band and carry my own sax instead of wheeling my chair around. I spent enough time in a wheelchair when I was little and I am now too big for mom to carry up the stairs. I want to stand tall and with your help I will. Any money donated will be designated to my medical costs and if there is extra money it will be used for my follow up medical care and education.

Please help me by donating.  Thank you!  I promise to update this site when I have information.    

Donation can also be mailed to James mother.  Please make checks out to Kathleen David.
Kathleen David
6960 E. Frontage Rd.
Hamlet, IN 46532​​​​​      ​​
Lift James Up